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How to WIN and KEEP customers who are loyal for life!

How this will benefit your audience:

  • The cost of customer acquisition vs. customer retention can be the defining factor in 21st-century business growth.  It is said to be seven times more costly to acquire a new customer than to retain a happy one. This strategy applies to both your internal and your external customer. Whether it’s acquiring new team members or acquiring more customers, it’s always more challenging, and takes more time to find new people. When you implement a carefully designed strategy to keep people loyal, however, it results in increased employee satisfaction, engagement, loyalty, productivity and profitability! The audience will also learn how to practice XOLOGY; the practice of craftsmanship, collaboration, and customization. Winning and keeping customers loyal for life is a strategy that organizations should get behind if they are ready to grow their business!

Audiences that will benefit:

  • Business owners, senior-level managers, sales professionals, and key contributors to business operations.
    • Summits, conferences, and associations focused on advancing leadership skills, women in leadership, entrepreneurs, small-medium business owners, and sales professionals
    • Organizations and individuals looking to accelerate business growth
    • Leadership teams undergoing transformational and structure change
    • Human resources, organizational development, and training professionals

Your audience will learn:

  • The customer acquisition vs. customer retention lifecycle
  • Strategies to implement NOW to increase customer acquisition, and retention
  • A leader’s responsibility in experience design
  • Elements of design thinking that would apply to your organization
  • The importance of letting customers define their journey
Can be delivered as:
Keynote, Breakout Sessions, Virtual Presentations, Lunch and Learn, Full Day Workshop

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