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Our Team

Our Team.

Crystal D’Cunha

Award-Winning Customer Xperience Engineer | Sales Training Expert | Executive Leadership Coach | Keynote Speaker | Chief Experience Officer, The INSIDE View Inc. 

Fascination advantage: The RINGLEADER, Engaging, Spirited, Results

Fun Fact: I’ve walked on fire!

I am passionate about Customer Experience (CX) because: We are improving people’s lives one moment at a time. The Customer Experience (CX) profession is one that allows us to use our emotional intelligence to masterfully craft and curate thoughtful, jaw-dropping, and emotionally connected, and experiences. Ultimately we have the ability to use some of the most amazing design thinking tools and techniques to masterfully design delight all around us! Being a Customer Experience (CX) Professional is my superpower!

Personal accomplishments: Being Zoriques Mom, AKA “Mama Z”. Most of all I  love being a Football mom. I also love that together Zorique and I have been able to travel the world making memories, and experiencing pure joy, exceptional service, and delightful courtesy, from across the globe, allowing us to remain grounded with culture and faith.

Professional accomplishments: I’ve had the honour of learning and training under some of the worlds most elite professionals such as Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, John Maxwell, Jack Canfield, The Disney Institute, and many others

Contact me at: Phone & Email 289-969-8439 |

Deepta Rayner

Senior Director of Customer Experience

Fascination advantage: The Change Agent: Inventive, Untraditional, Self-Propelled

Fun Fact: I wrote a children’s book!

I am passionate about Customer Experience (CX) because: CX brings together the art and science of making people happier and more engaged in the things they enjoy, and reduces stress for everyone.


Personal accomplishments: Completed an MBA while expanding my family and running my own business; Exploring Canada and travelling the world


Professional accomplishments: I’ve had the honour and privilege of working with some of the top brands in their respective fields: ESRI/MapInfo (GIS software), Compusearch (Consumer Analytics), TD/RBC/BMO (Banking); In 2017, my work in customer engagement garnered the Platinum Award in Client Experience & Engagement from  Loyalty360

Contact me at: Phone & Email 647-569-372 |

Connect with me at:

Noah Egan

Customer Experience Strategist

Fascination advantage: The Intrigue;

Fun Fact: Sports junkie

I am passionate about Customer Experience (CX) because: I’m fascinated by humans, the things we enjoy and dislike, and how to tap into these emotions to create lasting impact.


Personal accomplishments: Double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice & Public Policy, Dean’s list, sports accomplishments, home renovations


Professional accomplishments: Launched digital marketing campaigns for CPG medicines in the cough-cold space, digestive health, and first-aid. Previously taught a future generation of lifeguards lifesaving and first-aid skills/courses. Trained a sales force for a cough-cold product launch, product’s key claims and selling points, use and design of product detail-aid.

Contact me at: Phone & Email (905) 409-6624

Connect with me at: Linked in

Eunice Showunmi-Adeyemi

Director of Customer Experience

Fascination advantage: The Intrigue;

Fun Fact: Crime shows are my weakness

I am passionate about Customer Experience (CX) because: Gathering feedback obsessively and investing time and effort in the feedback to continually improve and grow a companies customer loyalty reputation and referrals is what gets my blood flowing.


Personal accomplishments: Successfully launched one of the most sought after experiential marketing companies in one of the largest countries in Sub Saharan Africa.


Professional accomplishments: I have had the opportunity to work alongside several Fortune 500 companies in Sub Saharan Africa and helped the executives develop and carry out successful branding campaigns.

Contact me at: Phone & Email (289)-962-7964

Connect with me at:

Arti Rohera

Funding Coordinator

Fascination advantage: The Rockstar;

Fun Fact: I am damn scared of darkness. I had attended a full day training program in 2016 in a pitch dark room. To add to that even the trainer and his team were visually impaired. The training was called “Dialogue in Dark”. This is Similar to the dining experience at “O Noir” in downtown Toronto. Although this was an amazing experience – I am still scared of Darkness.

I am passionate about Customer Experience (CX) because: I highly believe in Customer Centricity which means, Customer should be at the centre of all business decisions. Creating an amazing experience for a customer is a valued business aspect.


Personal accomplishments: I have always believed in continuous learning so am currently working on Certification for Training & Development (CTDP) in Canada. I am also a Certified Instructional Designer & hold a Post grad degree in HR. I was the first person in my family to travel abroad (Berlin for work) and also the first person to travel alone (Damn I was scared).


Professional accomplishments: I have worked at various levels in the Training Department and have an enriching experience of working with different people in various industries.

Contact me at: Phone & Email (437)-236-7852

Connect with me at: Linked in

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