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Those who have the ability to leave a lasting impression and seriously love what they do are unforgettable. There is nothing more memorable than excellent customer service.Meet, the INSIDE View’s Chief Experience Officer, Crystal D’Cunha, who leads by example. Her passion is to support teams and individuals to reach and exceed their sales and service goals! Her experience and commitment to developing the careers of the people around her is due to her deep passion and drive to see others succeed in the Sales Industry.

Crystal D’Cunha is an award-winning entrepreneur, accomplished Senior Executive, Consultant, Sales Professional and Customer Experience Thought Leader with more than 22 years of success in the retail, construction, non-profit, hospitality, and e-commerce industries. Leveraging extensive experience with strategic innovation, personnel issues, and employee engagement, Crystal is a valuable asset to companies seeking guidance on leadership development, talent management, creative recruitment and engaging spirited results. Her broad areas of expertise include sales, sales growth, management consulting, leadership training and development, coaching and executing company vision strategy, as well as journey mapping the employee and customer experience.

As a former executive, Crystal spent nearly two decades in the corporate world directing, coaching and leading sales forces valued more than $50 million. Her global experiences led her to her current role as President and CEO of The INSIDE ViewInc. Her career has taken her around the world, creating a global brand for herself and The INSIDE View, yet she stays rooted where she feels most at home, in Canada. With The INSIDE View, her focus is simple; She wants to give her best self every day; tap into the passion and purpose of sales leaders, enhance the consumer experience from every angle, and change the paradigm of organizational culture by setting a new standard. Her approach is unique and has become a disruptor in the Customer Experience and training industry. With the use of multimedia reporting tools, and strategic affiliate partnerships The INSIDE Viewis one of a kind. Through Exploration, Experimentation and Examination Crystal designed The INSIDE View’s Signature Sales System: Customer Experience Excellence (CXE)!

The INSIDE View's 10 Core Values.

Deliver memorable experiences consistently

Welcome and inspire change

Always assume good intentions by practicing family values

Be unique – Be yourself!

Be fascinating and curious

Be creative, innovative, and open to achieving BHAG’s

Do more with less

Have the courage to be honest with yourself and others

Get out there! Contribute and enjoy your community

Think BIG, have FUN, and do GOOD!


  1. We believe that we’re here to Ignite Leaders, Excite Employees, and Delight Customers around the world for the benefit of humankind
  2. We believe in designing to delight, while keeping it simple, strategic, and unexpected!
  3. We work only with leaders and organizations in which we believe we can make a significant contribution to the experience they deliver
  4. We believe in saying YES to the driven and motivated, and not to those who are not. That enables us to really focus on creating positive, lasting change within organizations
  5. We believe in using deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our groups, which allows us to innovate in a way that others cannot.

We Ignite Leaders, Excite Employees and Delight Customers so businesses can grow and thrive to be better, SO people can achieve maximum profitability and outstanding business growth

Madi Fuller
Manager at Niagara College's NCTakeOff

Crystal was the keynote speaker at Niagara College's NCTakeOff's annual pitch competition! She was amazing and brought so many practical tips and tricks to emerging student entrepreneurs. I couldn't stop taking notes throughout her talk and I'm looking forward to applying them as I continue on in my career. If you're looking for a keynote speaker for your event I cannot recommend Crystal enough!

Michael DeJager
Curator of CCW, the World's Largest Customer Contact EventCX Week Canada

Crystal has supported our CX Week Canada event in a variety of capacities over the past two years. This past year, she served as an advisory board member and was integral to the success of the program. In 2018, she participated in two speaking capacities on the program: a keynote address focused on winning and keeping customers for life as well as facilitated a panel discussion around how to become a catalyst for customer-centric cultural transformation. No matter the speaking format Crystal assumes, she can command a room! As a keynote, Crystal can engage a room of 5 to 500 with the appropriate level of enthusiasm and tenacity. In a panel format, she is able to both manage the discussion while still peppering in tidbits of our own knowledge and expertise. As an advisory board member, Crystal was always there to support, whether it was a shaping content or swooping in and supporting a last minute cancellation. I recommend Crystal without reservation. Count on Crystal to the engaging speaker and partner you need to make your event a home run!

Salma Burney
Operations & Team Support Guelph Royals

Crystal came to speak at The Burlington Networking Group (BNG) this March on how to WIN and KEEP customers through Employee & Customer Experience. She gave us a taste of her vast knowledge on this topic and provided additional tools and resources to ignite us to be better leaders and provide positive customer experiences. As President of BNG I welcome back Crystal to speak at our group again and highly recommend her for your work teams. Thank you Crystal!

Inside View.

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